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Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911

Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911
Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911

Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911    Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911

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ERNEST SHACKLETON A recently knighted national hero, but deeply in debt, the Antarctic explorer signs a 70-pound personal check. Check #G89176, drawn on the Union of London and Smiths Bank Limited, payable to Henry Harris for 70 pounds sterling. Undeterred, he sailed aboard the Nimrod to the coast of Antarctica, and then, journeying inland with two companions, discovered the Magnetic South Pole and ventured closer to the geographic South Pole than any prior explorer (January 9, 1909).

For this he was knighted later that year, and acclaimed as a national hero. However, expenses from the expedition left Shackleton deeply in debt, and unwise speculations made the situation worse. With some assistance from the British government, and write-offs by some of his creditors, and despite the onset of World War I, Shackleton sailed on a new expedition in September 1914 , with the goal of crossing the entire continent of Antarctica. Misfortune on this expedition set the stage for his greatest achievement: Shackleton's vessel, Endurance , was crushed by ice in the Ross Sea, stranding his crew. Setting out in a small boat Shackleton and four crewmen sailed for fourteen days across stormy seas to South Georgia Island, followed by a 2-day overland trek to a whaling station, where they were able to arrange rescue of their stranded companions.

Shackleton attempted a final expedition in 1921 to circumnavigate Antarctica. He died of a heart attack on South Georgia, where his widow insisted his body be interred since his spirit resided there. For much of the 20th century, Shackleton's achievements were somewhat obscured by Roald Amundsen's success in reaching the pole, and Robert Scott's ill-fated attempt. Recently, however, with new books published on the Endurance saga, Shackleton's fame has been restored.

He is now cited as a model of leadership by - among others - the US Navy and the Outward Bound program. Bank processing and cancellation stamps (effecting signature). Left edge frayed from binding.

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  • Signed by: Ernest H.


  • Autograph Type: Autographed Signed Check
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Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911    Ernest H. Shackleton Autographed Signed Check 11/10/1911